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by Christa Smith | September 28, 2020

...The simple visual of seeing someone who was built like me stand on their head made me get out of mine and see what strength I truly had...
  • 4 min read

by Christa Smith | September 1, 2020

...when I found yoga my spirit was indeed broken, but my practice and journey in the physical fitness industry helped me find the strength to do the work that mended my heart. It unlocked past traumas I desperately needed to heal and gave me the confidence to speak up for myself when I was being mistreated...
  • 4 min read

by: Tierra Briscoe | August 17, 2020

I am a black female yogi in a business dominated by white women who look nothing like me. I have to go 10x as hard to prove my worthiness in this field that was created by brown people and ultimately white washed which glorifies the skinny body types, high end fashions and your worth is calculated by your follower count on Instagram...
  • 4 min read

by: Christa Smith | July 27, 2020

As a curvy Black woman, I am not what most people think of when they talk about yoga or fitness. I am not thin, I am not white and my hair exists in its natural curly state....

by: Micha Saade | August 21, 2019

...Did you know that Namastetics was founded by Canadians in Toronto? Well, it was! And Toronto and where we both currently reside, design all of our products and operate the company. We've been especially busy over the last month finalizing the launch of our new collection...

  • 3 min read

by: Micha Saade | June 24, 2019

...Feeling proud of our accomplishments and having a better understanding of how our designs come to life, in addition to getting to hear from our customers and non-customers as they reached out in hopes of helping us grow our Namastetics team, we were in a great position to put all of the extra insight and feedback we've been receiving into our new SS19 collection...

by: Micha Saade | May 15, 2019

...Knowing that our business has helped families across the world change their status and grow with us was nothing short of amazing. It makes us proud to know the names of the people who take care of creating every product we design...

  • 2 min read

by: Micha Saade | April 8, 2019

We launched the Namastetics Store in December 2016. In the last 28 months, we've learned a lot - like how many women appreciate bras for small chested women like myself, or how to find manufacturers in a country you don't live in. Needless to say, we've been busy... 

by: Micha Saade | April 5, 2019

...We've had the pleasure of having Amanda model for us for about a year and although we only know her through a looking glass of photos, we get to catch glimpses what a bright woman she is...

  • 1 min read

by: Micha Saade | September 26, 2018

Namastetics was born from a vision to be a brand that focuses on inclusivity and accessibility; two values we felt have been lost in the yoga apparel industry, due to high prices and exclusive locations. My co-founder Shane and I felt that there was a need in the market for high-quality products, at affordable prices.
  • 6 min read

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