Summer Review

by: Micha Saade | August 21, 2019

You know that feeling when you wake up and see it's already August and think 'that can't be right?'- yeah me too.

I cannot believe how quickly this summer has been passing by, but it's truly a testament to how much we love the work we're doing.

Did you know that Namastetics was founded by Canadians in Toronto? Well, it was! And Toronto and where we both currently reside, design all of our products and operate the company. We've been especially busy over the last month finalizing the launch of our new collection with so much help from our part-time designer Conni and our customers. (drop deets coming soon). 

We've been working on this particular collection since early January; perfecting the fit of our leggings and joggers and A NEW GENIE PANT. Okay, I can say that because it's currently available for pre-sale! 

Remember in April when I told you we visited our manufacturer and sourced new materials? Well, I'm so happy to say that we've found incredible new fabrics that we've used for this new collection. The quality has taken a serious jump (and it all held up to my sweat test 😉)

We hope you love each new piece as much as we loved creating and testing them. As per your requests, we will be adding new colors in some of your favorite styles like the On The Move Overall and also increasing the current size range ❤️.

Our team has been so busy, we're looking for help. In case you missed it, we're looking to bring on a part-time Social Media Manager and Social Media Intern, if you know of anyone in Toronto who would be a great addition to our team, please have them apply!

Recently we've been diving into many of your reviews and feedback because we respect and require what you have to say. We're still a small company with only two full-time employee's and we need all of your help to ensure we stay on the right track. So thank you for supporting us and please continue to tell us what you want to see (and not see) because, without your direction, we'll miss a few things and might make some mistakes.

In July we re-partnered with Jacquelyn who used to be a member of our CS team to begin a conversation about where we're headed as a brand. She joined us on contract as a  Brand and Partnership Strategist (also our yogi of the month- you'll see why we love her). She traveled to Rishikesh where she studied Yoga and will be working with us until September, at which time she'll be leaving for Law School (I'm not crying, you're crying). 

We try to make it a habit to work with people who challenge us to be better in hope that it will help us grow as a company in the right direction, after all, you're a result of the five people you spend the most time with.

Up next, we're preparing some new items we'd like to add to our collections for Fall, are thinking about the direction we'd like to take as a brand and looking to bring on some new faces who can help challenge us. 

Thank you for following along and we can't wait to hear what you think of the new collection! Be sure to sign-up for our newsletter to stay in the know 💗.


Peace and Love,


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