Yogi Of The Month - Meet Amanda

by: Micha Saade | April 5, 2019

Our Yogi's Of The Month started as a way to share the profiles of strong, powerful, mindful and bright people who inspire us every day. This month's yogi does just that.


We've had the pleasure of having Amanda model for us for about a year and although we only know her through a looking glass of photos, we get to catch glimpses what a bright woman she is. 

Amanda has a gift of making the most of every moment and letting the darkness empower her.

"Life is all about yin and yang, darkness and light. I am so thankful for the dark times. So thankful for each and every heartbreak and heartache, all the times I wanted to give up, the times I actually did give up, all the tears cried, all the sleepless nights, all the hard times I thought would never end. I am stronger, wiser, and better for it. The light is always worth the darkness. Never lose hope." - Amanda Suyao


If you feel like you could use a daily dose of inspiration, just follow her on Instagram and you'll see what we mean :)

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