Oh, How We've Grown

by: Micha Saade | April 8, 2019

We launched the Namastetics Store in December 2016. In the last 28 months, we've learned a lot - like how many women appreciate bras for small chested women like myself, or how to find manufacturers in a country you don't live in. Needless to say, we've been busy. 

Fast forward to now, we're designing our own clothing in our backyard of Toronto, Canada. We work with a fantastic manufacturer who follows the ethical guidelines we look for in a partner and above all, we have a growing customer base of people who return to shop with us because our brand speaks to them.  

We've been busy, but we're not even thinking about slowing down. Recently, I left my day-job after two years and am already diving full-force into extending the reach of our brand. We spent the last two weeks finalizing our Spring/Summer 19 line which will be launching soon (we're so excited about it, we might explode) and put the final design touches on our Fall/Winter 19 collection. Both lines were inspired by elegant-comfort. You shouldn't have to pick style over comfort and we want our customers to get both.

We also spent the first week of April creating our ambassador program which will be launching next week and studying our customer feedback on product quality.

Our next step is to head to China later this month to grow our manufacturing team. We have our checklist ready and will be doing a tour of facilities to find another partner to help bring our ideas and designs into creation. We are looking for environmentally friendly practices, reduced wastefulness, humane working conditions, work-life balance for employees and excited to partner with us, among many other things.

Our trip will bring us back to Toronto in early May. We have a million ideas for what to do when we come back, but I don't want to spoil the surprise just yet. You'll have to keep an eye out for our May Month In Review to hear about what's coming up next!


Wishing you all peace and love.


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