Where We've Been & We're We're Headed

by: Micha Saade | May 15, 2019

The last month has been super busy for the Namastetics Team, and it's leaving us so excited for our future.

We had the pleasure of visiting our supplier last month in China and the opportunity to see the full view of how our products are made. Our designs have always been created in Toronto, then sent to our manufacturer in China where our visions are brought to life - usually done through virtual communication since our original visit a few years ago.

The opportunity to Mark, our supplier and see where our products are created brought a  sense of pride to both myself and Shane. 

We have been working with the Mark for two years and on this trip, we got to see how our partnership allowed him to leave the factory he was an employee of - to opening his own office and warehouse where he now employs his family. Knowing that our business has helped families across the world change their status and grow with us was nothing short of amazing. It makes us proud to know the names of the people who take care of creating every product we design - from cutting, sewing to packaging and shipping.

During our visit to Dongguan China, I also visited the fabric factory we work with where our cotton fabric is made. I'm happy to continue to report that the employees work in safe conditions with a high quality of work-life balance. 

This past month was a big milestone for our company as we bridged the gaps in our Products - you'll see what we mean when we launch our SS19 collection and re-launch old favorites like the Genie Pant (spoiler* with an even better fit).


For those following our emails - you'll also know we launched our official Nambassador Program on May 10th 🎉

This month allowed us to build our partnership with our suppliers and also with our customers and we couldn't be more thankful to everyone who has supported us along our journey.


We have so many great new products and ideas in store for the next season and cannot wait to see what you think!

Here's to another great month ahead!




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