Our Story


Reintroducing Yoga For Real Life


NAMA was born from a vision to be a brand that focuses on inclusivity and accessibility; two values we felt have been lost in the yoga apparel industry.

Through offering high quality products, at affordable prices, we hope to encourage both beginner and seasoned yogis alike, to embark on their yoga journeys with us- without letting costs or comfort stand in the way.

 It is our mission to focus less on the worry clothing puts on people, and focus more on the feelings we get from practicing yoga. We provide people with comfortable, quality clothing; made for the movement of all variations of yoga, and modeled after the beauty of the human body in all its forms. As we grow, we’re striving to offer inclusive sizing to support all of the beautiful forms of the human body.

 More About The Yoga Less About The Clothing 


This is what NAMA represents. We want to make you feel confident, comfortable and beautiful, as us modern yogi’s take this journey together.


Together let’s reintroduce what yoga means to us; focusing on you, and making your experience fun, loving, and being the most confident and empowered you, you can be. You don’t need to worry about the clothing, we got you, just focus on your breath.


We hope you have as much fun in your yoga wear as we did making it. :)

 Live as Your Best Self!



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